Two suspects arrested for Butts County murder

By: Claire Simms

 – The Butt’s County Sheriff’s Office has arrested two people in relation to the body of a man found near a subdivision along a secluded stretch of road Friday.

The body of 31-year-old Cartersville resident Curtis Author Pitts was found along Kennedy Boulevard just before 6:15 a.m. after someone called to report an unconscious man lying on the side of the road. Once law enforcement arrived on the scene, they discovered the Pitts had been shot multiple times.

The crime scene is located only about a mile off of Interstate 75. While deputies are not sure whether the man was shot at the scene or simply dumped there, they think the proximity to the highway is why the killer chose the location.

“This road we’re on now is a secluded road.  We do have a neighborhood back over here and some new houses being built. It appears that our victim has no connection to Jackson or this neighborhood at this particular time,” explained Butts County Sheriff’s Office Major Jeff Nix.

On Saturday, the Butts County Sheriff released that they had identified and arrested two suspects for the murder. While police did not give any information as to who the suspects were, officials did say that they did not have any ties to the Butts County community.