Georgia Ethics Endorses Austell Candidate For Mayor

The 2019 political campaign season is upon us and although 2020 is the year for most state-wide and national elections, municipal elections will be held on November 5th throughout the state.

In many cities, incumbents are being challenged by newcomers who have never run for public office before, have never involved with their city before and some have never even voted in a city election. That appears to be a result of the Georgia Democratic Party’s campaign to recruit anyone who isn’t a convicted felon as a candidate for municipal office.

However, the situation in Austell is markedly different. The current mayor was appointed when the previous mayor retired due to health problems. Both appear to have no desire to have Austell enjoy the level of growth and prosperity that other metro Atlanta cities have enjoyed. When reviewing Austell’s history since the 1980s, the word stagnant comes to mind.

There is one glimmer of light- mayoral candidate Cindy Thompson. She has been pushing for the type of redevelopment that will put the city on the map of desirable places to live and work. She has conferred with elected officials in other cities to learn their thought about successful redevelopment and she is focused on building a prosperous, inclusive community.

Georgia Ethics rates her as Austell’s best candidate for the position of mayor.