Senator Josh McKoon for Secretary of State

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Senator Josh McKoon for Secretary of State

 announces Veterans Task Force

Republican Senator Josh McKoon, who is running to be Georgia’s next Secretary of State,  today announced that he has created a Veteran’s Task Force to consult with as he looks at the many issues facing veterans, current military and their families. The task force brings extensive military experience and backgrounds to the table.

“One of the most pressing issues is ensuring that veterans’ votes count in all elections,” said Senator McKoon. “These men and women are away from home, putting their lives on the line to serve our country and defend our rights. While some changes have been made that are intended to ensure ballots are made available well before elections, that’s not always the case. There are still too many instances when getting a marked ballot back to the right precinct in time to be counted remains difficult. We have to ensure that their voice is heard in all elections and all issues that affect their lives.”

McKoon and members of the task force will also look at professional licensing, including the speed of professional licensing process for military personnel spouses. McKoon is concerned that many times a military spouse whose profession requires a license be issued by the state may not be able to work for several months while waiting for the new license to be issued.

Other issues include allowing credit for applicable military training for veterans, and evaluating  certain professional licensing requirements to determine if military training can be applied for licensing requirements.

The task force includes:

Harold Logsdon, Col. (Retired) U.S. Army National Guard

Pat Gartland, (Retired), Major, Army, Infantry

Senator Mike Dugan, Lt. Col. (Retired)  Army (Army Ranger and Master Paratrooper)

Dale Barnett, American Legion National Commander 2017, Retired Lt. Col Army Infantry

Brad Carver, U.S. Army

Mark Walker, Commander (Retired), U.S. Navy

James Bishop, former U.S. Army Captain, Medical Services

John Sours, former U.S. Army JAG Corps

Lou Battaglia, former 1st Lt., Infantry, Marines

Lawrence Benson, former Army, 1st Lt., Transportation

Dr. Gordon Austin, Captain (Retired) U.S. Navy

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