Zama Mexican Cuisine – A Restaurant Review

By Lindy Earl

When my son told me about this great new Mexican restaurant over a year ago, I was doubtful.  First, I love Mexican food and did not want to be disappointed. Second, the location of Zama has been a plethora of restaurants, none of which have been successful.  I figured it was just a question of time before a new restaurant took over.

Still, I went and found it as good as I was told.  My first visit was lunch where we enjoyed fabulous service and delicious food.  I recently returned for supper, on a Friday night.  Oh my.  The food remained so delicious that we didn’t mind the short wait.  I will say the volume in the restaurant made conversation difficult, but would have added to the atmosphere if you are with a large party!

Located at 2550 Sandy Plains Road in Marietta, Zama is definitely worth your consideration when you want authentic Mexican food coupled with fast and friendly service.

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