Oh My Gosh! Creatwood Tavern, Atlanta

By Lindy Earl with Kenneth Stepp

“Oh my gosh, this is so good,” said my colleague, Kenneth Stepp, through a mouthful of Cajun chicken pasta.  Our server, Tara Garrett, was so right when she recommended this, their second signature dish.

I ordered their premiere signature meal, The Creatwood Burger.  The fries are to die for!! My only sadness is that the order was too generous and I had to leave some fries behind, even with the willing help of Kenneth.

We noticed it’s a popular place for US soldiers.  We engaged a few at the next table and saw several others in the restaurant.  They spoke very well of the place.  We noticed how quickly our soldiers were able to get in, enjoy a great meal, and get out, all with a generous 20% discount. It was also lovely to see a framed American flag that was a little battered – it was flown over an undisclosed area in Afghanistan by the owner’s brother.  Keeping with their generous nature, Creatwood Tavern offers law enforcement, in uniform, a 50% discount.

While neither Kenneth nor I usually order dessert, the manager, Justin Wilson, suggested their bread pudding and brownie.  It was my turn to say, “Oh my gosh!”  Both were delicious and a dessert could be your entire meal!

A semi-private dining room is available and, according to the charming Mr. Wilson, is often used for Spirit nights, retirement parties, and a plethora of other events.   Being family friendly, throughout the large restaurant are board games for the children and a game room, visible behind a glass wall so you can keep an eye on your children. Tuesday nights children 12 and under eat free with a parent.

Do yourself a favor and visit Creatwood Tavern the first chance you get – 1090 Windy Hill Road #300 Atlanta, GA 30080. Wifi available upon request.

Lindy is a Business Consultant as well as a Columnist and can be contacted at LMEarl@EarlMarketing.com.