Great Mexican Food at Hola!

By Lindy Earl

Have you ever visited a restaurant, or even a type of restaurant, and ordered the same meal every time?  That’s me at any Mexican Restaurant.  I was not disappointed at Hola!

First, Hola! is conveniently located on Route 92 in Roswell.  You can get there from anywhere.  Second, there is ample parking right outside the door.  Third, there is always a great selection of booth and table seating and I have never had a long wait. Honestly, I don’t recall ever waiting.

If you like games, they have trivia nights on Sundays, but I go for the food.  I ordered the chicken (pollo) quesadilla as I always do and I was not disappointed.  The lunch portion is the perfect size to be filling but not left feeling overly sated.  The lunch bill for two was about $30, including tip.

You have probably passed Hola!, located at 688 Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell, any time you’ve been in that area.  It’s worth your time to stop and enjoy a great Mexican meal.

Lindy, a columnist and restaurant reviewer, can be reached at