Rose And Crown Tavern Atlanta, Ga

By Kenneth Stepp

Finding a new gem after so many years of exploring Georgia and local eateries is really a lot of fun. Finding one in an area I know well that I overlooked for years. Well, that’s even more exciting. The Rose And Crown Tavern, located at 1931 Powers Ferry Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30339 is just such a place. It was a wonderful adventure in dining.

I had a meeting Sunday at 1:00 pm. The first matter would be to find a restaurant open on Sunday. This is the south and we are the buckle of the bible belt. I searched an area I should have been familiar with, I found Rose And Crown, they were new to me, and most importantly, they were open. I set the meeting up, put it on my calendar, and forgot it until the time came.

As I walked in I noticed they really did the tavern thing right. The lighting was perfect, lots of very dark wood. It was what I expected out of a restaurant with tavern in it’s name. The food on the other hand was not. They had a brunch menu that was second to none and the look of fine dining. I had the salmon croquettes.

The service was perfect. Our server recognized we were having a meeting and remained in the background. He allowed us to have our conversation. Yet managed to keep us happy at the same time. Thoughtful, smart, and very professional. It was something I seldom experience.

The food was prepared to perfection. The eggs were the best I’ve had. Presentation was amazing. Worthy of a food show on TV even. Pricing was modest for this kind of meal. If you want impressive on a budget. This is it. The next time I want to dine and I’m anywhere near here. I will break my rule of trying new places and visit this incredible place to be spoiled again.