Op Ed . . . Doing for Others

By Lindy Earl Ah, it’s that time of year, it’s always that time of year, when we look to how we can think of others more, and ourselves less.  Life [Read More]


Life After Divorce . . . Do You Categorize People?

By Lindy Earl There are signs all over the halls in schools these days that say, Don’t Stereotype.  I’m using the word categorizing, but it’s not too different.  First, please [Read More]


Op Ed . . . Recognizing Opportunities

By Lindy Earl It’s so easy to look back and see opportunities that, at the time, we just didn’t recognize for what they were.  For instance, years ago while visiting [Read More]


Op Ed . . . Overcoming Obstacles

By Lindy Earl At the end of the year so many people write New Year’s Resolutions.  I have to wonder why people wait to make positive changes in their lives. [Read More]