SOUTH FULTON: Car Thief Driving Nameless Tow Truck Stealing Broken Down Cars

By Kenneth Stepp

Yesterday I purchased a mini van at an auction in Fulton County. Today I went to pick it up. It began running hot so I left it at the end of a ramp in South Fulton on South Fulton Pkwy.

I jumped in my friends car and drove to Publix to buy water for it. I headed back and looked over to see it sitting by itself where I left it. In the time it took me to turn around and head back down the ramp, a black tow truck was pulling off with my van.

I sped up and went around him honking at him, then pulled in front of him and demanded he free my van from his truck. He lowered it and I went around back to snap a picture of his tag, no tag was there, no DOT numbers on the side either. Just a thief.

I called 911, described the truck, and had to leave. He obviously takes his tag off and the magnetic signs that make it legal to drive his truck and went shopping for free cars.

I managed to snap a picture of his tow truck. It’s a newer body style Dodge with a mid 30’s African American male driving it.