You Live In Me

By Dana Harrell

You live in all of the places no one else goes. On the backs of my eyelids
You have taken up a permanent residence.
Each time I close my eyes
There you are. Looking into my core, smiling at the crazy you see inside of me. Making my tears fall… simply because you are there.

You have found a way to sneak under my skin… to course in and through my muscles, my  sinews, and wrap yourself around my bones…urging me to always move in your direction. My body forever seeks it’s Home in you…

Your scent lingers in my nostrils… making me hunger and thirst for the food only you can provide.

You live in my words. When I write, when I muse, when I dream.. my love for you takes over and decides the directions my thoughts and wishes go.

You are there in the center of my body. You dictate my desires and my longings. Your presence there makes the woman in me long to be one with you, in every sense and at all times.

You have commanded permanent residence in my heart. You race with my blood throughout my entire body, bringing oxygen.. bringing life. You echo in each beat and scream to the world that as long as I live.. our hearts beat singularly. We live and move and love and breathe. We eat and drink and think and exist to be one together.

You live in all the places no one else goes. In all the places forever reserved for you.

If this is not the love we all search for… what is?


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I love the way you are so expressive with what you write. Thank you for sharing your heart !

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