They Say Love Is Blind…

By: Kenneth Stepp


They say love is blind. When my thoughts are on you, and they always are, I see the most amazing human on earth. So love cannot be blind, because I see you.


They say love is blind. But you walk into a room, and I see beauty unsurpassed in the annuls of history. I see you, I see you so clearly.


They say love is blind. Yet as I write about you, I am in amazement, I’m in awe, at the wonder in your beautiful eyes, the perfect curvature of the side of your body, I see you just fine.


They say love is blind. Yet as I walk into our home after a tough day, my girl, my fantasy girl is there. You are a vision, flawless. I see you the way you are.


They say love is blind. All I have to do is look at your picture I carry with me, I see the eyes that I lose myself in, I see you. I see the undiluted beauty that I searched forever for. I see you.


They say love is blind. Hearing this my entire life, you made me realize how wrong it was. Love sees perfectly, love sees who you really are when you are loved. I see you absolutely.


They say love is blind. As you come into view I have to disagree. Love has shown me that there is such a thing as perfect. My partner in crime, partner forever. I see only you completely.


Love sees no flaws, but instead perfection. Love only sees the entire person, without the worldly trappings of life. Love is perfect. You are love. I see you in your entirety. I see you just fine. And I love the view.


“Drop the mic, walk off stage…”

“Love is not blind; that is the last thing that it is. Love is bound; and the more it is bound the less it is blind.”

― G.K. Chesterton



  1. Kenneth your writing, is so beautiful. When i read your words they make me long to have a man who can express himself so freely and openly as you do. Your openness and true genuineness. is touching. You are one of the best men that G#D HAS BLESSED ME WITH AS A FRIEND. sHALOM AND AHAVAH – peace and love. You are a blessing to me.

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