Single Again… To My Forever

By: Kenneth Stepp


They say everyone is on a journey. Many look for their purpose, fame, fortune, or something that is a part of that. Although I have chased all of these, even caught most of them, back when I was a different man. The last few years, I have journeyed to find my one true love. I will stand that day and raise both arms, as if on top of an icy mountain top and yell. I AM HERE! I wanted to write directly to her. So I will.


My Love:


When I meet you, I will be taken by many things about you. I can honestly say that I will know I have found what I wanted in a relationship many years ago on that day. That day, things will be so different. I will be me with you,  you will be you with me. The simplistic value of these things are worth more than gold to me. What we will have, almost never happens. Poems and works of art have been given to such a thing for thousands of years, but few ever find it. My goal will always be to show you your worth. This is all so new to me. After many experiences, both winning and losing, I’ve learned real forever love could happen. I spent years searching, I gave up a few times, then there was you.


My love, my forever, and my soulmate. I will always belong to you, I won’t care who knows it, nor will I care about the opinions of others. You truly are the love of my life, I will know that I’ve found the most important treasure on Earth. I am searching for a way to describe my love for you, and what you will mean to me. I know I can never really do this justice, but this is only my first attempt.


ALL my love,





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