Single Again… See Me Now

By Kenneth Stepp

Years ago I met a girl. A very special girl. I fell so hard for her. I visited her town yesterday, Newnan Georgia, and had lunch with a friend. My mind wandered to thoughts of this girl. What if she was in the restaurant? There she was, sitting at a table for one. What should I do or say. Should I be mysterious, aloof, or just brief? Or would I be honest?


The man you knew so long ago evolved. He wakes up every morning thinking of you, he falls asleep dreaming of you. Though years pass, you are his destiny, he knows this. He’s becoming a man he hopes you can love

The man standing before you is a man that wants you to see him now. He has become a man of integrity, valour, and character. He’s evolved in hopes you will see the man he has become and you would see the heart that beats for only you

This man in front of you has been damaged, suffered pain, and became lost many times since you knew him. He has tried to unlove you, replace you, lose you, and forget you, to no avail. He loved you then and loves you today. You seeing the man he became means so much to him, because he became this man out of love for you

The man you once knew wasn’t ready for love when it found him. He was unaware how rare it was and the value of it. Years later and many lessons ago, he stands here knowing not only the value of love, but the value of you. You are his prize, his gem, his everything

This man has a purpose and that purpose is you. He changed, he changed for you. He wants to be that man you can lean on, he has in mind daily to become the man you desire both physically and emotionally

The man in front of you knows your heart, knows every curve of your body, and knows every flaw, scar, and wrinkle, and loves them all. This man became a new man because of you. This man believes you are her, his Her, the magnificent woman in his dreams

Your man is in front of you, his only desire is that you see him, the new him, the man who became who you see because you came into his life. See him now. Take a new fresh look, see him on a deeper level than before

This may not be the time, it may not be the year, and sadly, it may never happen. But this man, your man, will continue changing, continue becoming a better man, and will continue evolving to be a man of great worth for you and you alone. Hoping beyond hope that you will accept him one day.


All of these thoughts rushed in as I walked across the room to say hello. I gave her a hug, “it was great seeing you again, we’ll have to have lunch soon”…

Things left unsaid…


  1. Wonderful article Kenny. Sometimes it is almost impossible to turn back the hands time, but we adapt to our new future and try to move forward. But there always seems to be hesitation in our minds as of what if? Sometimes we have to set ourselves free of the past and live a new.

    • Free. Yes, that would be something. My mind wants to be free, my heart can never leave. It surrendered too much and too long ago to allow my mind to have much say in the matter.

  2. We grow and learn from all of our relationships….the right time is never the same time for anyone else and going back is never the way it was then because of all that we have learned since and who we have become now. “What If’s” never come to fruition, Ken, because they are but autumn leaves floating down the stream, never to be hanging again on a green summer tree…hugs

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