Single Again… Love In Action

By Kenneth Stepp


This morning, while strolling through my social media kingdom, I came across an account on Twitter called, “uniquenature”. I was instantly taken in. It was all about animals. Many were cute, all were kind of funny, but several showed what love really was. One was a Boxer dog being introduced to a new puppy. Probably about 6 weeks old. After the appropriate amount of sniffing, the big Boxer began jumping and playfully showing the puppy how excited she was to have met him. It was something so beautiful that we humans can’t seem to express as well anymore. We’ve become so self aware that we have lost the ability to just let go and jump for joy if we feel like it. I think if a man my size did that, it could alarm a few folks though. But I hope you get my point. Show them how you feel. Hide nothing. Be you, no matter what. It’s called being authentic.


I embrace my humanness. We humans are unique in so many great ways. But one thing that makes us unique is our ability to think too much. This, in my opinion, takes us down paths not meant for us. I’ve met people while on my singles journey that were damaged, I know, right? We all are. But some are so damaged that it affects the way they engage with others, so much in some cases, that basic connections are rare or even impossible. Both genders use sex, coercion, and money to entice relationships. It’s all manipulation, and to most of us, these have become natural to use. Us humans evolved too far. Do we even know what love means today? For so many of us, I love you has lost its meaning, it has no value. I love you, should be the most sacred 3 words we ever utter to another human being. It’s no longer sacred to most.


“I love you, and I love pizza, what do I do with that?” – k stepp



Love for an object and love for another human, should be very different. Love people, use things, use to be the way most of us lived. Today, many have lost their way. I’ve met more than my share of wonderful people along the way who were cheated on. While cheating, either physically or emotionally, are wrong and are both a choice, have you ever stopped to think of why so many cheat these days? We can blame the internet, but the internet is just a tool. When a nut creates a bomb and blows a bunch of innocent people up, we don’t blame the ingredients of the bomb, we blame the bomber. The internet is a wonderful thing and like everything else we enjoy, it can be addicting. It can be consuming too. It can also allow us to be someone we are not, and when we finally meet someone face to face, we are two people acting like people we aren’t. Nothing is real, and when two damaged, fake people say, I love you, well, you see where I’m going with this.


“When love is real, acceptance, loyalty, and faithfulness follows” – k stepp #reallovelovescompletely


So, what is love? Love is not a combination of words, real love is actions, real love is accepting, real love is the magic of God. I believe that real love is a miracle. I believe that real love is always unconditional, always what every heart longs for, many do not even understand the depths of this gift from a loving God. Look in the mirror. You are selfish, self serving, and totally in love with you. When the love I speak of arrives in your life, all of that changes in an instant. When you prefer their happiness and well being over your own, you develop a servants heart, you want to actively create an environment where their love for you grows too. You suddenly don’t see their faults, you suddenly see perfection. For me, that’s my girl. Look at her, she’s amazing, isn’t she?