Single Again… Chances

By Kenneth Stepp

Am I the only one that buys a lottery ticket just to have the dream of winning? I’m guessing there are one or two more than just myself out there who does this. Honestly, life is about taking chances. I woke up this morning, checked my ticket, and found I needed to go back to work today. This was not the first morning I began with disappointment. But every day is a new experience and someone somewhere has to win. Maybe one day it will be me. I talk about the lottery to bring up that we are all motivated to take chances. It may be in business, it may be in love. But motivation is key. Even the most conservative person, at times, risk something for something they see as worth the risk.

The thing about a chance is that we cannot know the results if we take it in advance. I write about being single and the dating journey I have found myself on. I’ve taken many chances, I will no doubt take a few more. How many will depend on how badly the next few end. I suppose we all have our limit, and there have been times when I was certain I had reached it. Yet here I am again, putting myself out there again, willing to take a chance again. I guess the key word here is “again”. I’ve been here before, on the same mountain overlooking the same valley, hoping for a different result. Am I crazy? Maybe. Or determined? Perhaps a little of both.

To truly live, we must be willing to risk. Is that a true statement? For me it always has been. A few years back I owned a rather large business. It was a great business. I was very aggressive and took calculated risks time after time. Everyone use to laugh at how easy it looked from the outside to make money. What they didn’t see was me studying stats and percentages at 3:00 am. I made sure I was informed. But everything was a risk. There is a term for it. “Risk reward weight.” We look at the reward and calculate the risk. If we don’t, we have little to no chance of winning at all. I say, take a chance. But only after much deliberation. I want love. Unconditional love. The search is risky because I have to open myself up completely. I must make myself vulnerable. So far, that has been painful. The one I seek will be worth the pain. I also know she will know that too.

Like I said. I am out here again. For how long I do not know, but the journey is the same, the goal is the same. And she is the same. I know her. I know what she is like. I even believe I know what she will admire in me. And she will be amazing. I know her. Her name would really be helpful about now. A real time saver too. Although I do not have her name, one day I will have her heart. And I will guard hers with all that is in me…

Being single at our place in life is one huge risk after another. Is it worth it? Only time will tell. We are all different, but all in about the same place. Even the most together of us, have doubts, get confused, and get hurt. For myself, I will stay the course, I will work on being the best version of Kenneth that I can be, and in the end, I pray I am not alone. I was created to be a partner, I know this about myself. So my goal has put me on a path towards an amazing human that I call, My Her. Enjoy friends, adventure, and your journey friends. May your quest end at the feet of the one your heart knows is the one.