She Is Loved

By: Kenneth Stepp


We exist in this jungle of people, lost in their own cares, surrounded by their own walls. I attempt to find my forever. She must know she is loved.


The journey is so long and frightening. The crowd can be so dangerous. They are bitter and on guard all the time. My lover is out here, and she is sure she is loved.


My strong lady, my smart, special other half. She too is on this journey. She finds this jungle of fellow humans strange. She continues looking for me. She knows in deepest places, she is loved.


My quest has taken me down paths of fear, strife, pain, and confusion. Yet I continue. I must find her, I must push on. She knows I am coming, and she knows without a doubt, she is loved.


Darkness is a part of the journey. To be lost in the mass of humanity. Many look for nothing, for no one, for their own contentment. My motive is to arrive on time, She expects me. She knows she is loved.


From early childhood, when dreaming of the happily ever after stories of legend. I knew my life would have the same ending. She did too. She knew it would because she knows she is loved.


My search is complete, my quest over, I arrive, I stand before her, I am in total surrender. She cannot see me. Barriers have grown over time. Her path to “us” was too painful. Distortion has blinded her. The end of the search has crushed me. She cannot see love.


To end this way is foreign to me. What do I search for now? I found my forever. Am I destined to love her without touching, feeling, carressing, or holding her? She is still waiting, because she knows she is loved.


The universe sang to her. God moved Heaven & Earth. The wall was simply too much, too high, too well built. She knew I was coming. She knew she was loved.