I Love You More

By Lucy Connor


When our eyes lock
I am lost in the infinity of our
two souls as one.
All my life I waited for you and
I am prepared to
keep waiting
Until our time comes
Our paths have been crooked
Our paths have been steep
We fuss we fight
we deny

But, always we love
we dream
we plan
for the future we know belongs to us

You speak of unconditional love
I have loved through being ignored, an engagement, lots of booze, confusion, anger…. my love for you is unconditional
You have loved through doubt, fear, not being a priority, being hidden from my family…your love for me is unconditional

We, at out innermost core
know our strength
is in our team.
When I think of my happiest life
You are always there
For now – I mark time

I wait until
you can

But always
and forever

I love you
love you more