Hello Again…

By Dana Harrell


Hello again.

In the moments just…before  

                                       the world comes crashing back

here you are

invading my dreams….

       coming back to me      in ways I never imagined

you step into the privacy of my bedroom and brush your lips so tenderly

across mine

             I feel your heart pounding in my chest

my twin flame                     the one I knew I would never find

        before my light went out

here you burn…..brightly in my heart.

When I look…….I see out of OUR eyes

                  when there is pain…I need to check to see which of us is bleeding

When the air chills it is because I have not heard your words of love

invade me

burn in me

pound in me

breathe your love into me

and trust me……trust us

trust all of the lifetimes we have spent together

                   another morning is breaking…..but today I know peace

you are finally here

hello ….                again.


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