The Mueller Investigation- An Attempt to Turn Garbage into Gold

Whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat, a Libertarian or an independent, the attempt by the Mueller investigation to turn garbage into gold, as discussed in this video , should be of concern.

Using lawsuits and legal investigations as a means of intimidating and silencing people is nothing new. In many lawsuits, especially those filed by ethically-challenged people, the person with the most money wins- not by virtue of guilt or innocence, but by virtue of financial status. And when your adversary is a division of the federal government, threats, as well as the odds against winning can rise to an unprecedented level, as government funding is virtually unlimited.

Doubters will unquestionably cite the interview with Michael Caputo (a former adviser to the Trump campaign) as being “Republican fake news”, short on fact and long on fiction, because it was conducted by Tucker Carlson on Fox News. Certainly, Mr. Caputo might have over-stated his case, and Tucker Carlson was pushing him to do so. However, neither of those considerations alter the fact that the political landscape has degenerated into a Mafia-like minefield. It is obvious that the Mueller investigation isn’t trying to find facts, but to turn the garbage of irrelevant words and actions into golden eggs of “evidence”.

If you’re thinking, “good, maybe that will get Trump out of office”, think again. The Mueller investigation long ago went off the rails that would lead it to a legitimate conclusion. After months of turning over stones to find no credible evidence of collusion, the investigation should be over. Yet the seemingly unlimited resources that are funding the investigation have enabled it to continue well beyond its original purpose.

Democrats and anti-Trumpers aren’t the only ones who can use Mueller’s tactics. And the longer the Mueller investigation continues, the more alluring the tools of intimidation and financial distress become for future use, by whatever party can take advantage of them.

Although Mueller’s investigation is applauded by the anti-Trump contingent and disdained by Trump supporters, it is far beyond a pro- or anti- political rallying point. It is a blot upon the American justice system.

Ironically, when the original purpose of the Mueller investigation is viewed vis-à-vis the route it has taken, what you see is an investigation into corruption that is itself corrupt. And that will cast a long and disturbing shadow on the federal government, for years to come.

On the other hand, maybe the Mueller investigation is a grand “bait and switch” scheme-


Peeling back the veneer of any significant political event or activity invariable reveals a back story that tells a far different tale than the one on the surface. One of the drivers of fake news is media speculation about, or knowledge of a back story. As a result, whether it’s real news of fake news, what you read or see is rarely the real story.

On the surface, the Mueller investigation appears to be an integral part of political scheme to discredit and possibly bring about impeachment proceedings against President Trump. But investigative journalist Liz Crokin sees a far different scenario. In a recent blog post entitled, “How Mueller & President Trump are Pulling the Biggest Sting in HistoryCrokin speculates that thus far, Mueller’s investigation is little more than a set up to drop the hammer on Hillary Clinton.

Ms. Crokin states, “The left and the media has been so blinded by their partisanship that they’ve failed to see that the greatest bait and switch in the history of the world is going down right before their very eyes. They’ve naively assumed that since Mueller had been a part of the swamp, he’d protect the swamp. However, just because he’s associated with corrupt politicians like the Clintons for years does not mean that he likes them or has any interest in protecting them at this point.”

She concludes her article, “Mueller was hired to investigate Clinton, period. If my theory proves to be correct, this will go down as one of the most brilliant sting operations in history.

If the true back story of the Mueller investigation is a plan to collar Clinton, it truly will be a brilliant sting operation. Only time will tell.