The Coup To Undo The 2016 Election Continues

By Debbie Johnson

As a person without a party, no right or left, and no prepackaged political ideals, I find myself thinking that I’m in a play or a movie. I watch every day as those who are upset that Donald Trump won the presidency continue trying to undo that election. If you are a left leaning individual and think that’s cool, you are so lost. 

My point is, if the left can do this to the right, then the right WILL do this to the left eventually. Is that ok? There are so many differences in agendas. I suppose my hope would be that we all have principles instead of agendas. That we would care more about our country and the rule of law than what party we belong to.

I think back on better days in DC. No one would have acted the way congress is acting today. Yesterday Rep Polosi went on national television and these words fell out of her mouth. “It would be too dangerous to allow voters to decide who is president”. I thought voters were supposed to make that call, not bureaucrats. 

So ask yourself this. Is this the congress you want? If half the nation doesn’t like the election results, is it ok to cancel them? If your answer to either question is yes, check yourself. You are no longer a proud American, you are a programmed useful idiot. This impeachment inquiry is based on a phone call. The transcript of the call is online, it’s 4 pages, read it. Think for yourself.

Collusion was a hoax, intimidation is a hoax, and bribery is a hoax as well. We are enjoying a record economy, record low unemployment, and record low minority unemployment. We are in fact, the land of opportunity again. If you don’t like someone in office, cast a vote against them, but do not allow them to be removed from office because congress doesn’t like them. Let’s be the greatest country in the world again, let’s be bigger than this.