Sarah Amico Seems to Be Sarah the Sham

“Sarah the Sham” seems to be the perfect description of Sarah Riggs Amico, the Democrat candidate for Lt. Governor. Ms. Amico is listed as Executive Chairman of the Board of Jack Cooper Holdings Corp, a company largely owned by her father and headquartered in Kansas City, MO. According to, Amico earns a cool $290,000 per year. She claims that her company provides health insurance to its approximately 35,000 employees that is completely paid for by her company.

What she doesn’t say is that her company avoided bankruptcy only by convincing creditors to write off $429 million in debt.  It’s easy to be generous when you’re using other people’s money. You have to wonder about Amico’s fiscal policies if she were to be elected Lt. Governor. Considering the spending policies that brought her company to the brink of bankruptcy, she would likely be in favor of spending that would deplete the state’s cash reserves and require a tax increase to keep the state solvent.

I would love to see a woman as Lt. Governor, but Sarah Riggs Amico is not the woman. For me she’s too much sham and not enough substance. I’m voting for Geoff Duncan.