Offer a Straw, Go to Jail

Only in California, or New York, or Massachusetts, or any other state controlled by Democrats. This is just more proof that liberals think government should control every aspect of your life.

A California lawmaker plans to introduce legislation that would not only prohibit restaurants from providing plastic straws, but would call for a fine for any establishment engaging in unsolicited straw delivery. From The Los Angeles Times- .

For Assemblyman Ian Calderon, it was apparently the last straw.
The Democratic legislator from Whittier read reports by environmental groups that up to 500 million plastic beverage straws are used every day in the United States and then immediately discarded, adding to the flow of trash to landfills and litter polluting lakes and beaches. Calderon said Tuesday he plans to introduce legislation this week that would prohibit sit-down restaurants in California from providing straws to customers unless they are requested. The measure would exclude fast-food restaurants.

“How long have people know[n] that plastic is harmful to the environment? Still we all use it. This is a measured approach that helps change behavior,” Calderon wrote on Twitter. Even in a state that has previously banned plastic, single-use grocery bags, Calderon acknowledged some people will have to be convinced of the merit of his proposal. “Convenience is a tough thing for people to give up. If it’s there, still likely people will use it even with an educational campaign,” he wrote.

The proposal was blasted by Assemblyman Travis Allen (R- Huntington Beach), a candidate for governor.
“Is there any part of your life that Democrats don’t want to control?” Allen wrote on Twitter. “As Governor, this is exactly the type of legislation that I will VETO.”
The California Restaurant Assn. will come up with a position on the bill when the language is finalized, “but we do believe that the option to request a straw is preferable to an outright ban,” said Sharokina Shams, vice president for the group. “Hopefully, the bill language will support the idea of protecting the environment while also allowing consumers and businesses some cost-effective options.”
Some restaurants have voluntarily adopted policies of providing straws only on request.

Fortunately, Georgia’s legislature is not controlled by Democrats. There’s nothing wrong with attempting to reduce pollution of any type, but Claderon’s proposal is just another example of Democrat over-reaction and over-reach. Rather than proposing legislation that encourages people to take personal responsibility, Calderon’s approach to make an innocent action a crime.

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  1. It boggles my mind that these jokers actually get paid to introduce legislation like this. If everyone wanted to be more eco- friendly, why not suggest that paper straws be used. Ted’s Montana Grill has done this for years, but to actually go to the trouble of creating legislation for this is in my opinion insane.

    • Think about this metaphor- It seems that many legislators think the only way to put a nail in the wall is with a sledge hammer. Although members of both parties are guilty of this, as noted in the article, the Democrats seem to think government needs to control every aspect of people’s lives.

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