Joe Profit Announces Run for Congressional District 6

All we can say is WOW. Great news for the district. Profit is the real deal. His announcement is below.

Joe Profit Announces Run for Georgia’s 6th District

My decision to run for Congress in the 6th District is a result of much thought, extensive conversations and two specific events. The first is Lucy McBath’s vote to impeach President Donald Trump. McBath’s vote clearly shows that she puts serving her political party’s agenda ahead of serving the people she is supposed to represent; regardless of party affiliation, the majority of people in the 6th District are not in favor of impeachment.

The second event is a steady stream of strong requests from Republican leaders to run in the 6th. I am honored that so many knowledgeable and influential Republicans believe that I am the best choice to win both the primary and the general election.

Previously, I had announced my candidacy for the 7th Congressional District. However, it is my firm belief that I can best serve the interests of Republicans throughout Georgia by running in the 6th. While the 7th has a number of excellent candidates, I don’t believe that’s the situation in the 6th. We need a candidate who will fight in support of our president, to protect our citizens, secure our borders and drain the swamp.  

Equally important is an ability to go beyond talking and actually get things done. I have had great success in bringing people together to solve problems and create opportunities. As I have said before, “I’ve done that in the NFL. I’ve done that in business. I’ve done that in Georgia. I will do that in Washington.”

Although I haven’t served in an elected office, I have been actively involved in conservative politics for decades. Most notably, after being appointed Chairman, of Blacks for Reagan-Bush, (by then state Republican Party Chairman Matthew Patton) we successfully recruited Dr. Ralph David Abernathy and Hosea Williams to not only support, but to actively campaign for Ronald Reagan.

I have also enjoyed success in business. After playing for the Atlanta Falcons, I created a number of successful businesses, including an award-winning $100 million multimedia company.

I stand ready to serve the people of the 6th District, and make their voices heard once again.