Georgia News Daily Endorses Brian Kemp for Governor

Given the current level of polarization in politics, it’s no surprise that gubernatorial candidates Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams are polar opposites.

Brian Kemp is focused on maintaining Georgia’s ranking as the number one state for business, preventing Georgia from becoming a haven for illegal immigrants, supporting public safety, promoting economic development and enhancing the state’s educational systems.

In contrast, Abrams’ agenda incorporates ultra-liberal policies like open borders, encouraging illegal immigrants to vote and free healthcare for anyone who asks for it. The only way to pay for these programs is to increase taxes on virtually everyone who has a decent-paying job. Late in the campaign, Abrams doesn’t appear quite as radically left as she has toned down her rhetoric in an apparent attempt to appear less a socialist and more a centrist. That’s all smoke and mirrors.

Brian Kemp is clearly the only candidate who will keep Georgi moving in the right direction- one that will bring greater prosperity and security to all residents of Georgia