Democrats Nominate a Marxist for Congress

One of the reasons Democrats don’t get any traction in some Congressional districts is that their candidates are completely out of touch with the constituent base. And with reality. The Democrat candidate running in Georgia’s 10th Congressional District appears to be a textbook case in point.

Richard Winfield (PhD Yale) had been a research professor within the philosophy department at the University of Georgia since 1982. Much of his focus has been on German philosopher Friedrich Hegel, whose ideas influenced the development of Marxism. Winfield has published numerous books espousing his extreme left-wing views and with his run for congress, his goal appears to be a desire to further the march of Marxism in Washington. (If you’re not up to speed on Marxism, it serves as the basis for communism.)

Winfield recently left his teaching post at UGA to run for Congress. As a candidate, he is advocating a radical rethinking of American Government, family, business, and individual rights. In addition to policies of forced unionization, creating a Medicaid/Free legal assistance program, ordering businesses to place workers who are non-management or owners on company boards, Winfield also believes that government should, Guarantee that anyone who wants a job can get one at a fair wage (with equal pay), through a federal job guarantee where our government offers full employment that produces goods and services that our national, state, and local communities need.”

Regarding abortion, Winfield states that the federal government should, Not only protect the right to abortion and an individual’s ownership over her own body, but also provide free contraceptives and day-after pills for anyone who needs them.”

Yet, Winfield gets even deeper into the weeds with his ideas. In his book, “The Just Family” Winfield attempts to redefine and legitimize forms of incest and advocates for a radical revision of the role of the American Government in the family on such things as eliminating no fault divorce, lack of “personhood” for children, state review of parenting and the ability to force parents into parenting re-education programs. Using what can best be described as philosophy gobbledygook Winfield believes, “To the degree that family right involves universal principles that should not be violated with impunity, constitutional law should extend to family relations and specify the inalienable household duties of spouses, parents and children, leaving the contingent dimensions of these entitlements and obligations to the corrigible labors of positive legislation.”

In essence, Winfield should be the candidate of the Marxist party, which clearly demonstrates the Democrat’s march toward Marxism.

Yet Winfield’s Marxist philosophies don’t even raise an eyebrow in some circles. As one political analyst put it, “What is perhaps even more telling of how people are reacting to media and echo chambers this cycle is the supporters and campaigns acting like any mention of these kinds of issues is a gross injustice. Why Republican voters or campaigns would find such views and statements any less galling is apparently a question that doesn’t get asked – or they simply don’t care because of how tribal and dismissive we have become of each other.”


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  1. Winfield is far right and as such is not going to win the Democratic Primary. Chalis Montgomery, a moderate, will win and will go up against Jody Hice, far left Republican who has been working hard to push the GOP closer and closer to fascism.

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