Candidate Insight- Gwinnett Superior Court Judges

Gwinnett Superior Court

The 2020 list of candidates for Gwinnett County Superior Court judge positions is unusually long- and filled with a number of candidates who it would appear are ill suited to serve in any judicial capacity. And according to an evaluation done by local attorneys, ( in the race for Judge Kathy Schraders seat, Shrader, (32.6%) Kelly Kautz (31.2%) and BT Parker (36.15%) received the highest percentage of unqualified votes.

Besides “unqualified”, the other possible answers were well qualified, qualified, or not enough personal knowledge to answer. There was also a place for each attorney to comment, which was even more revealing. In spite of 32.6% of respondents ranking Schrader as unqualified, she had the highest number of positive comments. Her unacceptable rating is largely a result of the conflict between her and the Gwinnett District Attorney, and the resulting trial.

Kautz and Parker are entirely different matters. Although there were positive comments about all candidates, the negatives posted about Kautz and Parker should be very disturbing to every voter. Some of the comments about Kautz include:

Can you say Snellville joke!

Disaster as a mayor – dictator – mean and rude

The worst temperament. Mean and rude.

She cost the citizens of Snellville hundreds of thousands of dollars. She has not practiced regularly in superior court and is not qualified for the role

Absolutely not qualified, worst temperament, total disaster as mayor

Kelly Kautz is too political and too biased to be a judge. I don’t think she cares enough about people to be a judge. Nobody should ever give her this much power. She is however, an excellent guardian and a diligent attorney.

Continuously searching for a government job because she’s ill-qualified to do anything competently in the private sector.

Kelly Kautz does not have the temperament or knowledge of the law to be a judge. She was a disaster when she was mayor of Snellville -rude and demeaning to those that disagreed with her.

She has far too many personal issues.

Kelly Kautz was ousted as Mayor of Snellville. I do not think she is qualified at all.

A poor lawyer. Has neither the acumen or demeanor to be even a mediocre judge. Would be a disaster as a judge.

As for Parker, the responding attorneys stated:

Has she ever tried a case in Gwinnett?

Completely lacking in experience – lying about her credentials.

Completely unqualified – just thinking she can win because of race.

She does not understand basic criminal procedure. This would be a problem for all parties appearing in front of her.

All she has ever done is defend insurance companies, keeps running using different names.

Incompetent, should probably be disbarred. I wouldn’t trust her to walk my dog, let alone decide important issues.

BT Parker, or Thassanee Guter-Parker, the name she actually goes by, is totally unqualified. She has no real experience except defending insurance companies. She keeps running(unsuccessfully) and lying about her credentials

I have never heard her name before she tried to run for Judge this past election. I don’t know if she has any experience in Gwinnett county much less any criminal law experience.

Nice lady but she doesn’t know the law.

I have never seen her in a criminal setting in Gwinnett. Would not know her if I saw her

Has no experience with criminal cases. Criminal cases are a large part of what a Superior Courtjudge handles. Having no experience at the main part of your job, without understanding procedures and rules of evidence, and attempting to get “on the job training” makes a person uniquely unqualified to be a Superior Court Judge

Information on other candidates will appear in the next installment of Candidate Insights.