Bombshell Bourdain: pre-death interview: unloads on ‘rapey, gropey and disgusting Bill Clinton, & Hilary abused his victims


Anthony Bourdain pulled no punches in one of his final interviews as the celebrity chef slammed Bill Clinton for being ‘rapey, gropey and disgusting’ and spoke of how he imagined Harvey Weinstein dying alone in a bathtub.

The globe-trotting food chronicler, who hanged himself in a French hotel in June, gave a lengthy and wide-ranging interview to journalist Maria Bustillos for her recently launched magazine Popula.

The interview was conducted in one of Bourdain’s favorite Irish pubs in New York back in February and was only published on Sunday. It covered everything from Weinstein’s downfall, the Clinton-Trump election and even Jared Kushner’s eyebrows.

Bourdain – one of the most outspoken male supporters of the #MeToo movement – touched on Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct allegations, saying it would not have flown today.

‘Bill Clinton, look, the bimbo eruptions – it was f***king monstrous,’ Bourdain said, before describing the former presidents as ‘a piece of s**t, entitled, rapey, gropey, grabby, disgusting’.

Bourdain went on to condemn the way Clinton and wife Hillary ‘destroyed these women’ who came forward with the allegations.

‘He is a very charming man, I met him, he’s f**king magnetic. As is (Hillary). When you’re in the room, you think wow, she’s really warm and nice and funny. But the way they efficiently dismantled, destroyed, and shamelessly discredited these women for speaking their truth.’

Bourdain, who had been dating Italian actress Asia Argento – one of Weinstein’s first accusers, also spoke of Hillary’s response to the wave of sexual assault allegations leveled against the Hollywood producer.

Soon after the allegations started piling up about Weinstein, Hillary said she was ‘appalled’ and denied having any knowledge of what was happening behind closed doors.

‘It was something that was just intolerable in every way,’ Hillary said at the time. ‘And, you know, like so many people who’ve come forward and spoken out, this was a different side of a person who I and many others had known in the past.’

Weinstein hosted events and donated personally to Clinton ever since she first ran for public office back in 1999 as a senator for the state of New York.

Bourdain publicly slammed Hillary on Twitter calling her response ‘shameful in its deflection and its disingenuousness’.

When asked about Clinton’s response in his February interview, Bourdain said: ‘I will tell you that as frightening as that was at times, when I sat there with Asia, as she texted her sisters… watching the Clinton apology on Weinstein, and (Asia’s) watching this statement, there was a lot of anticipation.

‘People were really hoping she’d come out with a… I don’t know. Let’s just say with something different. I immediately tweeted my disappointment, very much shaped by what I saw around me. And I will tell you, that was really f**king frightening, the reaction to that. You know, I voted for her.

‘I was really disappointed with the statement. But even by expressing that (on Twitter), the way that my comment was turned, very neatly – suddenly I wasn’t expressing disappointment in her statement; I was blaming her for Harvey Weinstein’s crimes. The way that turned very nicely was a good bit of artistry and deeply frightening to me.’

Specifically on Weinstein, Bourdain said while he would have liked to see the producer ‘beaten to death in his cell’, he had imagined something much different.

‘My theory of how he goes is he’s brushing his teeth in a bathroom, he’s naked in his famous bathrobe, which is flapping open, he’s holding his cell phone in one hand because you never know who on the Weinstein board has betrayed him recently, and he’s brushing his teeth,’ Bourdain said.

‘He suddenly gets a massive f**king stroke – he stumbles backwards into the bathtub, where he finds himself with his robe open feet sticking out of the tub, and in his last moments of consciousness as he scrolls through his contacts list trying to figure out who he can call, who will actually answer the phone.’

The interview also covered current politics in the Trump-era with Bourdain saying he would be filling to compromise his principles in exchange for some ‘f**king competency’ and for someone who has an understanding of how government works.

‘It’s like, that’s okay, cause Jared will brief me later. Does Jared tweeze his eyebrows? They look manscaped. Those are not natural eyebrows. It’s like Howdy Doody time,’ Bourdain said.

‘Can you see eight guys standing around, and Jared’s out of the room? And they’re all co-conspirators, they’re all saying, ‘ey don’t worry bout Jared, he’s f**kin’ solid, the guy will stand up, he ain’t gonna say nothin’.

‘No one has ever said that! That f**kin little punk is gonna squeal, just show him a tray of jail food, the guy will f**kin shit himself. That kid was a born snitch.’

The lengthy interview with Bourdain was conducted months before he took his life in early June in eastern France where he was working on an episode of his show.

Bourdain received several posthumous Emmy nominations last Thursday for his CNN series ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’.