More Than A Car Dealer, This One’s A Giver

By Debbie Johnson

These days, finding anyone who cares about others, is like looking for a unicorn at the North Pole. It just isn’t easy. I recently worked with the homeless, Angel’s Work, is a local nonprofit that has a mission and a passion for the homeless, the call these gatherings, Homeless Projects. Well, like all good things, they cost money and require help.

That’s where I met a man named, David Bowen. He owns a car dealership called, Atlanta Car Exchange, I hope I got the name right.

David quietly steps up when Angel’s Work asks. Usually, he funds the operation, on this day, he worked and funded the project. I worked alongside him all day, I doubt he knew I was a journalist and was actually interviewing him as we spoke.

I asked him about himself. What would a man like you get out of helping these people. He smiled, I’m blessed, I need nothing, I have it all. But the one thing I don’t have is purpose. Making money isn’t a purpose, giving myself away is.

He worked hard that day, and at the end of the day, he wrote a check. How backwards it seemed to watch a person work over 9 hours in pretty terrible conditions and watch him write a check instead of receive one.

I’ve waited a while to write this article because I wanted to process what I saw and heard. David met a family that day. A couple with a 6 year old boy and a dog. They were homeless and I really can’t say why. But David’s heart was touched by them that day.

Angel’s work actually added a home to this project,  just across the state line in Alabama, on a donated 2 acre plot. It use to have a mobile home on it. Mr Bowen paid $10,000.00 for another mobile home to be placed there. He’s funny, happy, and smart. But something was missing.

They will have a home and my new friend would help them until work was found. My heart is full at this moment. I love knowing there are individuals still out there, making other lives better, putting others before themselves, and doing it in complete secrecy, until now. Today, I had to mention him because others need to hear this story as much as I had to witness it.


    • David gets what it’s all about…it is better to give then to receive…he is quiet about how wonderful he really is…

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