Georgia News Daily Endorses Tracey Mason

Our endorsement of Tracey Mason for Superior Court Judge is based on her proven broad experience and integrity. In addition to her civil and criminal law experience, Mason has served as a municipal court judge and an arbitrator who handles a variety of civil cases for the Gwinnett County Superior Court.

Another important consideration is political philosophy. In theory, political orientation is not an issue in an election for a position as a judge, which is non-partisan. In fact, it is. Although a judge’s decisions are theoretically impartial with respect to political philosophy, experience has shown that not to be the case. A review of U.S. Supreme Court cases shows that, more often than not, conservative justices align on one side of an issue and liberal judges align on the other.

At the superior and state court levels, cases tend to have far less of a political orientation, so it may not be as obvious or as significant if judges in these courts lean left or right. That isn’t to imply that leaning one way is right and the other is wrong, only that based on political ideology, (as opposed to interpretation of the evidence) one judge will potentially rule “guilty”, while another will potentially rule “not guilty”. Thankfully, appeals courts and supreme courts exist and offer an opportunity to have rulings reviewed if a defendant or a plaintiff believes a lower court judge’s decision was incorrect.

Appeals are expensive and time consuming, so it’s important that a superior court judge makes decisions based on a proper interpretation of the law and constitutional rights. As a municipal court judge and a superior court mediator, Tracey Mason has a proven record of accurate decision making.

Another revealing aspect of a candidate for a judge position is endorsement. When a candidate lists endorsements by a host of liberal politicians, that’s a strong indication that he or she shares a liberal interpretation of the Constitution in the application of justice. Conversely, a candidate who is endorsed by a number of conservatives indicates he or she views justice from a perspective that is more closely aligned with the Constitution as written. We also find it troubling when a judicial candidate is endorsed by individuals who promote identity politics.

Tracey Mason has an impressive list of endorsements including Gwinnett County Commission Chairwoman Charlotte Nash, Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway, State Senator Renee Unterman, State Representatives Brett Harrell, Brooks Coleman, Joyce Chandler and Scott Hilton, former State Representatives Melvin Everson and Buzz Brockway, Loganville Mayor Rey Martinez and Snellville City Councilman Dave Emanuel. A host of attorneys and county notables, including Thomas Livsey and family are also backing Mason.

Georgia News Daily enthusiastically joins the diverse group of people who support Tracey Mason as the best choice for Gwinnett County Superior Court judge.