TRUMP POWER: Georgia Reports Lowest Unemployment Rate In 17 Years

Georgia’s unemployment rate was 4.1 percent last month, the lowest level since 2001.

State Department of Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said industries added 10,000 jobs since last year. The largest increase was the number of people working in construction, up nearly 9 percent compared to last year and the largest jump since 1999.

The tourism, education and health sectors also saw an increase.

“Health care is always going to be a growth sector, especially in Georgia, because of our growing population,” Butler said. “And of course, nursing is always in high demand and, right now, it’s in especially high demand.”

The health care industry saw a 3 percent increase in June compared to last year.

But the state’s Department of Labor said there is one sector that’s slowed hiring.

“You’re seeing a lot of local and state government be very thrifty with the dollars that they have,” Butler said.

The number of jobs in government increased by just 0.6 percent over the past year.