Drivers say improperly parked MARTA buses create dangerous conditions

By: Rikki Klaus

ATLANTA – Drivers said MARTA buses are making a new intersection dangerous. They said buses stopped outside of designated bus lanes are causing a blind spot.

It’s a problem for drivers turning from Moores Mill Road onto Marietta Boulevard.

Midge McLean remembered leaving the Publix off Marietta Boulevard and inching out as far as she could to try and see around the MARTA buses lining the road. She edged out.

“It was a tractor-trailer. I mean, it was going so fast,” McLean said. “It’s amazing that I didn’t get clamored.”

McLean stomped on the brakes, avoiding a crash last month.

“It was hard to breathe for a few minutes,” McLean said. “It would have hit on my side of course, so I would have been a goner.”

Channel 2’s Rikki Klaus called a MARTA spokeswoman who told her they’ve received complaints about buses parked outside of the clearly marked bus zone, obscuring drivers’ views of oncoming traffic. Neighbor James Wesseldyk is concerned someone will get killed.

“The buses are supposed to park in their designated spots, and they frequently park in front of that spot,” Wesseldyk said. “If a supervisor’s not there, they’ll just stack up as many as they can get in there and double park.”

MARTA said it’s met with a city councilman, notified bus drivers, put up signs and even posted supervisors.

In a statement, the transit system said:

“MARTA takes the safety of our passengers, our employees and those with whom we share the road seriously.”

MARTA said management has spoken to drivers about the issue.

It said the latest strategy involves adjusting the route hours for buses staged there.