Brian Kemp vs Stacey Abrams – Our Future Is At Risk

By Kenneth Stepp

Georgians face an onslaught of unwanted media ads almost daily and year round these days. Politics have changed in Georgia. The biggest changes for me are that the candidates can openly lack integrity and at the same time, tell us it doesn’t matter. Stacey Abrams has made a mess of her own finances and now wants us to hire her to run our finances. What’s troubling is an entire party, almost half the state will think that’s ok.

I have been going through interviews for days. The left wants their base to believe this race is about 3 things. Guns, abortion, and immigration. This is a ploy by the Abrams campaign to distract from her lack of logic and character in the way she has been running her own life. Cap this off with the fact that she is an admitted socialist. No doubt hoping that most voters will be a history fanatic like myself. Socialism has failed 100% of the time. Socialism has been the cause of more deaths globally than most can imagine.

I guess, as a political Atheist, which means I have no party I affiliation, I tend to step back, think for myself, and pray the voters will do the same. It seems like every years there is more at stake, and this year is no different. We have an easy choice if we work for a living, want to raise our children to be responsible, and do not want a tyrannical government to take more of what we work so hard for and distribute it to people that have not earned it. If I earned it, I want to say where it goes. I have kids, friends who are hurting, and myself. The earner in chief of my kingdom to think about.

Socialism/Communism’s legacy of death, A list country by country


100 million dead because of socialism/communism. I’m told that the correct count is 146 million. There are Dems who are now calling their brand of socialism what it is, communism. I worry about my state and country. I never thought I’d see this.