Sugar Cakes Patisserie – More than a Bakery

By Lindy Earl

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that Sugar Cakes Patisserie is just a bakery.  That’s what my colleagues first thought when I invited them to breakfast on Friday.  They were happily surprised when they found a full menu, from protein-rich egg offerings to carb-loading confections.

Both friends opted for eggs and both enjoyed their meals.  One ordered a la carte, which made her breakfast slightly more expensive, but they gave her what she wanted!  I ordered the crème brule French toast and couldn’t have been happier!  It was SO fabulous! Two of us chose fruit, and while it was pretty typical, mostly assorted melon with some grapes and pineapple, I am happy to report that it was fresh.

Sugar Cakes is one of the many restaurants on the Marietta Squares that offers outdoor seating.  The service is one of the attributes of this exquisite restaurant.  We were told we could sit anywhere so chose to sit outside on a beautiful Spring day, so that only added to our experience.  Kim, our server was pleasant and quick to find us and take our order.  The food arrived promptly.  Breakfast for three cost just over $30, including tip.  I have only visited this restaurant for breakfast, but they offer a full menu for all meals and are open until 9:00pm.

Whether you’re looking for a sweet confection or a delicious meal, you will be happy with your visit to Sugar Cakes Patisserie on the Marietta Square.  101 North Park Square, between The Strand Theatre and Shillings Restaurant.

Sugar Cakes Patisserie, 101 North Park Square NE, Marietta, GA 30060


  1. i just love small towns & unique places. I’d much rather eat at a local establishment, than a chain restaurant.

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