Greek Island Grill, Suwanee Georgia

By Kenneth Stepp


What a great spot to stop, put it in park, and relax. Greek Island Grill is a bit more trendy that most of the places I find myself eating in. I love that they have taken a storefront in a strip mall and made it look like a tavern inside. An average entre is around $16.00, the tea is great, the music is more mechanical or even disco that I’d like. But a great break from the road. I can feel the good time here. There is an energy that is difficult to explain. But it’s nice.


The menu was very interesting. Lamb, beef, chicken. Pretty much anything you like was on it. I had the chicken kabob, rice, Greek salad, and lemon potatoes. The food was perfect, the flavors were crist and delightful. The service was amazing as well. Five stars all the way. The trifecta, service, ambience, and great food. They are also event friendly should you want to have a party.


What is really great is their location. I can pull out and go right and in just a couple of miles, I’m back on the expressway heading back home. All in all a wonderful experience. Next time I’ll try the lamb. And for a bonus, next time I will visit on Saturday night after 7:00 pm. That’s when they have a belly dancer. This is where an imaginary smiley face should be.

Greek Island Bar and Grill 3320 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd, Suwanee, GA 30024


  1. When I was in college I had a roommate who was Greek, She and all the women in her family were belly dancers, i felt bold and empowered so I began taking belly dancing lessons from her aunt, Needless to say when a guy finds out that you can belly dance, and you’re 20 years old you get asked out a bunch. I even attended church with them at the Greek Orthodox church in downtown Atlanta. Those are some of my best college experiences. Great memories, and when my roommate got married. The wedding and reception were pretty awesome, comparable to a big Catholic Italian wedding or a Jewish wedding. I love Greek food. Glad to know that there’s a great Greek restaurant around.

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