Blu Rose Art Bistro, Douglasville Georgia

By Kenneth Stepp


My colleague and I wrapped up filming our podcast and decided to wander out and find a local place to have lunch. I drove past those that I knew in downtown Douglasville in search of something different. There it was, The Blu Rose Art Bistro. The name caught my eye, then the old building it was in. Brick walls, high ceilings, and lovely old wooden bar. To us, this all spelled potential.


We decided to order the grilled cheese sandwich for us both. My side was a kale salad, hers was a fruit cup. The sandwich was as unique as the place and absolutely the best grilled cheese I have experienced, the kale salad was perfect and sweetened with raisins. Her fruit cup wasn’t as fresh as she’s hoped and she mentioned it to Jesse, our fantastic server. In a moment this generous portion of strawberries and grapes arrived and it was marvelous. Their rebound was great.


They have a room they give art lessons in, you may call and get the details on that. Given the beautiful art hanging on the walls, I’m certain they do a great job teaching as well. In the very back, down the hallway there is a store that sells handmade crafts and art. It is very raw and everything there is from local talent. We could have stayed much longer than we did.


I can’t say enough great things about this restaurant. I live very close, they have wifi, comfortable tables, and great food and service. They will be seeing a lot of me. This would be a great place for events, and the art classes would be a fun outing as well. This one is worth visiting. Only 17 miles west of Downtown Atlanta.


The Blu Rose Art Bistro 6774 W Broad St, Douglasville, GA 30134 (678) 909-2133