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SOURCE: NPR Public health officials are expanding efforts to get the HIV prevention pill into the hands of those at risk, in a nationwide effort to curb infections. But the officials [Read More]

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Nearly Half of Americans Trying to Lose Weight, CDC Data Show

By  Alex Tanzi (Bloomberg) — An estimated 49.1 percent of American adults tried to lose weight from 2013 to 2016, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, [Read More]

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George Clooney Injured In Scooter Crash

George Clooney was pictured being treated on the road by paramedics, after crashing his bike in Costa Corallina, Puntaldia in Sardinia, while on his way to work. The US actor, [Read More]

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4 Marijuana Polls With 1 Overwhelming Consensus: Legalize

The divide between Congress and the American public over pot couldn’t be more pronounced. Sean Williams (TMFUltraLong) The marijuana industry is growing like a weed. Pardon the corny pun, but [Read More]

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New Options for Affordable Health Insurance

Each time the subject of healthcare came across the national stage, I was surprised that there was no reference to expanding accessibility to group plans. Virtually all employers, big and [Read More]

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Feeling Like a Victim? Get the Card

No job, no ambition, still living with your parents, always losing arguments with your boyfriend or girlfriend? It’s not your fault. You’re a victim of a society that has no [Read More]

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Domestic Violence- A Scourge on the Georgia Landscape

By Dave Emanuel The common view of domestic violence, spousal abuse and child abuse is that they exist almost exclusively in families plagued by a lack of education and low [Read More]