Margarita Momma’s, Fayetteville Georgia

By Kenneth Stepp My friend and I wanted to try a new place in her home town of Fayetteville Georgia. I’d heard about it from a few friends and I have a “thing” for Louisiana […]

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The Juicy Crab, Douglasville Ga (*one Star “Ouch”)

By Kenneth Stepp It’s not often I revisit a restaurant and change my mind about it. The Juicy Crab in Douglasville would be, I thought. One of my go to eateries near my home. I […]

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Exploring… Rose And Crown Tavern Atlanta, Ga

By Kenneth Stepp Finding a new gem after so many years of exploring Georgia and local eateries is really a lot of fun. Finding one in an area I know well that I overlooked for […]