Black Lives DON’T Matter- To the BLM

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization claims “We work vigorously for freedom and justice for Black people and, by extension, all people.” However, that work is notably absent in Chicago and other cities where there is no justice and no freedom for the hundreds of black people who are murdered each year.

In Chicago, the black lives that are lost are taken almost exclusively by black murderers. But there’s no money to be made and no social unrest to be cranked up by protesting hundreds, ore even one black-on-black murder. It isn’t until a black man is murdered by a white man that BLM takes to the streets to protest.

There’s no question that George Floyd’s death was the result of a despicable act of murder by a rogue Minneapolis cop. His death was unnecessary and preventable and is not to be trivialized. But what about the deaths of the 428 people (mostly black) who have been murdered this year in Chicago (through 7/28/2020)? It seems to be acceptable to trivialize their deaths because it’s doubtful anyone knows the name of a single murder victim, outside of their friends and relatives.

It’s disturbing that people who are legitimately concerned with eliminating racism and improving justice are being played by groups like BLM. Protests for “justice” have become the cover for planned and coordinated violence and criminal activities. The intent behind the violence isn’t to protest injustice but to create social unrest and division. No rational person believes that burning down a building or destroying property has a positive influence. Sure, it will bring attention to the protests and the mainstream media will trip over itself attributing the destruction to grieving protesters who simply want justice.

But if the violence and destruction brings any positive change, it will be overshadowed by the negative effect. Is one injustice ever remedied by the commission of another injustice? The owners of the buildings damaged or destroyed by protesters had nothing to do with the acts of injustice that inspired the protests, yet they are unjustly required to pay the price. And the community suffers because a local business is gone.

There is unquestionably a political aspect to the violent protests, which are not merely tolerated, but seemingly welcomed in cities controlled by Democrats. The mayors of Seattle, Portland and Atlanta are slow to take action against violent protesters, if they take any action at all. It seems highly likely that they view civil unrest and riots as events that will reflect negatively on President Trump. These mayors only seem spurred to having their police departments take action by the fact that federal law enforcement has, or will, enter their cities.

In the meantime, BLM keeps selectively protesting while ignoring the carnage in places like Chicago. Obviously, some black lives don’t matter to the BLM.