Life After Divorce . . . Seven Requirements

By Lindy Earl One of the differences of dating after divorce, versus our first time around in our teens and twenties, is that things simply move faster.  As a teenager, [Read More]


Opinion . . . Six Considerations for Successful People

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Ask Lindy . . . I Am Afraid of Being Happy

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Life After Divorce . . . Why Do People Cheat?

By Lindy Earl That’s a tough question.  We know people cheat, even when we don’t want to admit it.  It’s very easy, when we are not being cheated on, to [Read More]


Your Effect on Others

By Lindy Earl Imagine a tree.  The roots. The trunk. The branches. The leaves. The birds that rest on the branches or build nests there. The squirrels that play and [Read More]


Taco Mac – A Restaurant Review

By Lindy Earl  I first became aware of Taco Mac (aka T-Mac) about a decade ago when I was in downtown Atlanta.  We were just coming up on the noon [Read More]