Single Again… Now I Know It’s Love

By Kenneth Stepp   I know it’s love because your happiness is more important than mine   I know it’s love because I want you safe, safe without me   I know it’s love because […]


Unforgettable Memories…

By Kenneth Stepp Today is a typical Saturday. The day for track meets and kids visiting my kids, the day to sit, think, and occasionally write. I remember when times were different. First, I was […]


Single Again… Becoming You

By Kenneth Stepp   What changes us? Frankly I believe many things do. Things we experience, events that happen, how others treat us, how we treat others. The list is unending. How do we control […]


Margarita Momma’s, Fayetteville Georgia

By Kenneth Stepp My friend and I wanted to try a new place in her home town of Fayetteville Georgia. I’d heard about it from a few friends and I have a “thing” for Louisiana […]


The Rescue And Unconditional Love

By: Kenneth Stepp This is a story of a rescue mission I went on in February 2014. The subject was afraid and hungry. She was a homeless girl in Florida. I’ve been here six days. I have […]