Single Again… Love Is Kind

By Kenneth Stepp   This title says so much more than we might think at first glance. If we love someone, we act on their best interest. So love is [Read More]

Georgia News

District 7 Report

Following is the latest report from Congressman Rob Woodall of Georgia’s 7th Congressional District FORSYTH COUNTY REMAINS HEALTHIEST IN GEORGIA FOR SIXTH STRAIGHT YEAR We strive for excellence in Forsyth [Read More]


Margarita Momma’s, Fayetteville Georgia

By Kenneth Stepp My friend and I wanted to try a new place in her home town of Fayetteville Georgia. I’d heard about it from a few friends and I [Read More]


Single Again… The One Way Relationship

By: Kenneth Stepp   Single life above forty five is said to be like dancing in a mine field. After over five years of it, I have to agree. It’s [Read More]


Single Again and Finding Forever

By Kenneth Stepp   Comedian Lewis Black has a bit about candy corn candy. He tells the story about every year, as Christmas time is upon us, he sees candy [Read More]


A Little Love Goes a Long Way

By Lindy Earl We have all been in situations that escalate quickly due to unkind words or even a harsh look.  We have also been in situations where a person [Read More]


Single Again… The One

By Kenneth Stepp   Is this our quest? The One…. What does that mean to you? To me it’s a mixed bag of personality traits, emotions, and big brain covered [Read More]


Single Again… The Player

Kenneth Stepp   Player. It’s not just a word if you are single and on the journey in search of true love. It’s a pejorative term by all accounts. If [Read More]