Life After Divorce . . . You Will Eventually Break

By Lindy Earl We all have a lot on our shoulders, from a very young age.  We are asked to help with family chores, as we should be.  School starts [Read More]


Life After Divorce . . . What Baggage is Yours?

By Lindy Earl   We all bring baggage and insecurities into each new relationship.  The older we are, the more baggage we have.  Some of the baggage can only be [Read More]


Single Again… Always On My Mind

By Kenneth Stepp   Is this the title to a Willie Nelson song? As a matter of fact it is. I’ve listened to this song over that last number of [Read More]


Single Again…  “Respect and Faithfulness”

By Kenneth Stepp   Today has been a day full of more deep thoughts than usual. I have so many friends that are single. So many battered and bruised people [Read More]


Life After Divorce . . . Turnoffs

By Lindy Earl I’ve met people who couldn’t get jobs but didn’t understand why.  I’ve met people who couldn’t maintain a relationship and couldn’t understand why.  I’ve observed that it’s [Read More]

Georgia & City News

Congressman Rob Woodall’s Washington Report

SHEP RECEIVES A RECORD $85 MILLION Two weeks ago the House passed the 2018 Water Resources Development Act (WRDA), which included much-needed support for the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project (SHEP).  [Read More]