The Florida School Shooting- And the PROMISE That Created It

By Blake Halberg Hillary Clinton-supporting Sheriff Scott Israel has been hoping no one would find out about his dirty secret that proves he and the 19-year-old shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were well […]

Georgia News

The Georgia Legislature- Overreach and Power Grab

It is very disturbing that so many state legislators who claim to support limited government, have sponsored or voted for legislation that expands government. The legislation in question appears to indicate that the Georgia Legislature […]


Single And Happy

  By Kenneth Stepp   Happiness is… Sadly, that’s the way many think of happiness today. Happiness is a better income, a bigger house, finding our soulmate, thinking too much, etc, etc, etc. You get […]

Georgia News

New Proposed Tax on Telecommunications

The following article was originally published on 12/30/17. Some aspects of the legislation have changed, but the information below is still largely accurate.I By Dave Emanuel t’s interesting to note that some allegedly conservative members […]

Georgia News

The Stockbridge Land Grab (Updated)

(Updated 2/22/18) Last year, Senate Bills 262 and 263 (SB262 and SB263) and House Bills 638 and 639, (HB 638 and HB 639) which sanction the Stockbridge land grab, were introduced in the respective sections […]


Single Again… Beyond Chemistry

  By Kenneth Stepp   Chemistry is an amazing part of my journey. To experience chemistry is one of the finest parts of this quest for forever. It doesn’t happen often. But when it does, […]


Single Again… “Time For You”

  By Kenneth Stepp   Dating… It is described in so many different ways these days. Some good things and some bad things are said of it. Some things are for sure. It isn’t easy, […]


Single Again… “I’ll Protect You”

  By Kenneth Stepp   What a strange title. I’ll protect you. What does that mean? Yesterday and today I shared some back and forth emails with my ex wife. We’ve been divorced five years […]

City News

Don’t Like Our Jail? Stay Out of It.

Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway may be a no non-sense guy, but he is also known for treating people fairly and for his innovative approaches to his job. (The Jail Dogs/Cats program being one example.) […]