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Tax Reform, Better Schools, Justice Reform, Driverless cars

From the Georgia Public Policy Foundation Taxes and spending Taxing the rich? At least 3 million American workers are benefiting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, according to Americans for Tax Reform, which has […]


Offer a Straw, Go to Jail

Only in California, or New York, or Massachusetts, or any other state controlled by Democrats. This is just more proof that liberals think government should control every aspect of your life. A California lawmaker plans […]


Single? What Are You Looking For?

  By Kenneth Stepp   We’re single and looking… Most of us have some sort of a profile online dedicated to finding and being found. In these profiles we usually have these two things in […]

Health & Fitness

The Baking Soda Diet, Part 2

The quest for a magic pill to cure disease, lose weight, increase muscle mass or control any number of ailments seems to never end. Claims that “the latest discovery” is the answer to whatever problem […]

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Georgia Public Policy Facts- Rural Broadband, Health Care, Work Requirements

Rural broadband: Explaining his proposal for a market-oriented approach to rural broadband deployment, Mark Jamison of the American Enterprise Institute writes, “Policies for rural broadband have seemed random the past eight years: Billions of stimulus […]

Georgia News

4 Marijuana Polls With 1 Overwhelming Consensus: Legalize

The divide between Congress and the American public over pot couldn’t be more pronounced. Sean Williams (TMFUltraLong) The marijuana industry is growing like a weed. Pardon the corny pun, but it’s the truth, regardless of […]

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City News- From Around the State

Compiled by GMA Longtime Columbus resident, ‘son of immigrants’ enters mayor’s race Danny Arencibia, finance manager at a local car dealership, is the latest Columbus resident to enter the Columbus race for mayor. Source: Columbus […]

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Georgia Public Policy Facts

Interesting facts from the Georgia Public Policy Foundation- Economy Best for business: Forbes ranks Georgia No. 6 on its list of “Best States to Do Business.” No. 1 is North Carolina, which ranks No. 2 in […]

Health & Fitness

New Options for Affordable Health Insurance

Each time the subject of healthcare came across the national stage, I was surprised that there was no reference to expanding accessibility to group plans. Virtually all employers, big and small, know that rates are […]