Single Again… Broken

By Kenneth Stepp   A state of being… Broken. Being single brings days of feeling empty inside. I’ve had my share. My friends have too. Being single can create a state of being I call […]


Bruce Levell To Sheila Jackson Lee- Don’t Just Sit there and Tweet the Race Card

“Don’t just sit there and Tweet the race card every time”. That was Bruce Levell’s response to Representative Sheila Jackson Lee’s claim that the furor over her being given another passenger’s seat on a United […]


Finding Love And Deal Breakers

By Kenneth Stepp   The quest for love can be fun, exciting, but also confusing and hurtful. A mixed bag at best. Do you have your list? You know, the list of traits your forever […]

City News

Atlanta Mayor’s Election- “It Ain’t over Till it’s Over”

Mary Norwood has stated that she will not contest the results of the recent election stating she was ready to move on, “although there were some irregularities with the election”.Norwood had contested the results of […]

Georgia News

The Shortest Day of the Year

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice marks the year’s shortest day- and longest night. This year, the solstice occurs on Thursday, December 21st. The solstice occurs at the moment the North […]

Georgia News

ARC Releases 2017 Perceptions of Life in Metro Atlanta

Regional Snapshot: Metro Atlanta Speaks: Perceptions of Life in Metro Atlanta Each year since 2013, the Atlanta Regional commission (ARC) and its community partners conduct the Metro Atlanta Speaks public opinion survey to take the […]

Health & Fitness

Feeling Like a Victim? Get the Card

No job, no ambition, still living with your parents, always losing arguments with your boyfriend or girlfriend? It’s not your fault. You’re a victim of a society that has no compassion for your plight. Take […]


Single Again, The Pursuit…

By Kenneth Stepp   To pursue someone… Matters of the heart can be confusing. Mine tend to be more clumsy than anything else. That brings into mind the greatest, most aggressive, and resourceful pursuer of […]


Single Again, “If Only”

By Kenneth Stepp   Have you ever wondered what your life would be like, “if only”? If only they changed their mind, if only they lived closer, if only whatever roadblock blocked them from us […]

Health & Fitness

Domestic Violence- A Scourge on the Georgia Landscape

By Dave Emanuel The common view of domestic violence, spousal abuse and child abuse is that they exist almost exclusively in families plagued by a lack of education and low income. However, as noted author […]