Being Single… Dreams and Drifts

By Kenneth Stepp   My journey to find my forever love began four years and ten months ago, give or take a few days. Everyone I meet can tell you [Read More]


Rose And Crown Tavern Atlanta, Ga

By Kenneth Stepp Finding a new gem after so many years of exploring Georgia and local eateries is really a lot of fun. Finding one in an area I know [Read More]


Single Again… Being A Man

By Kenneth Stepp   On your own again. Living alone. Doing things your way… Sounds like Heaven, doesn’t it? Maybe my confusion begins there. I’m at the wheel, I control [Read More]

Health & Fitness

The Baking Soda Diet

By Kenneth Stepp I have begun a quest to get healthy, get thinner, and feel better. As a former pro athlete and body builder, this would be important to me [Read More]

Georgia & City News

Suwanee Council Candidate Comments Labeled “Jew-Bashing”

Controversy is no stranger to many of the cities in Gwinnett County. However, typically controversies arise as a consequence of decisions made by mayors and city council members after they [Read More]


Single Again… Reality And Hope

By Kenneth Stepp   When I was a child, I had the most active imagination. I could dream of being able to fly, deep sea dive without tanks, and walk [Read More]


Virginia Democrats Go Race Baiting

From Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children By Faye Higbee The Virginia Governor’s race turned nasty when Democrat liberal Ralph Northam supporters at the “LVF Latino Victory Fund” created an ad with [Read More]