It’s Groundhog Day Again And Again And Again

By Kenneth Stepp Groundhog Day. All I can think of is Bill and Andy starring in one of the best movies I ever experienced. He wakes up every morning stuck [Read More]


The Lemmings of the NFL

After kneeling for no reason other than their teammates were doing it, some NFL players are now kneeling in protest to President Trump’s statements that they should be fired if [Read More]


Being Single – “When Hearts Collide”

By Kenneth Stepp   Have you ever been involved in a car crash? Most of us have on some level. The sudden jarring and the sound of an immovable thud. [Read More]


The Relationship Wall

By Kenneth Stepp   Relationships really make the world go round. I’m a small business owner. Without relationships. My business would become my old business. I have many relationships. They [Read More]


Single Again, The Warrior

By Kenneth Stepp   There are days when I am but a humble warrior, armor dented, blood stained, and beaten from battle. I stand firm, I am unscathed by the [Read More]


Single Again… Who Am I?

By Kenneth Stepp Who am I? Seems like a strange question. I’m a father, a businessman, and a nonprofit founder. I’m also a retired professional fighter,  writer author, and I [Read More]